Letter Rack for Succulents (Quickie)

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FYI: I’ve started to tag some of my projects as “quickies” since they don’t take very long at all to make or there aren’t many steps involved.

view looking down
I apologize for the fogginess of the photo. It’s the humid Kentucky weather that’s to blame.

I found a wooden mail rack/sorter/holder at Sal’s Army last week. With as popular as succulents have become, I decided this would be a quirky way to display them. I had thought about painting it but, then I thought to myself, “Self, you don’t have to paint EVERYTHING.” So, I didn’t. But I DID give it a good coat of polyurethane since I will water it every now and then. (Not too much…I have drowned many a plant. I think I’m the only person in the world that has killed an aloe vera plant.)

Once again, sorry for the blurry photo.

After it dried, I filled the bottom of each “holder” with rock.


Next, I gathered up all of my succulents, took them out of their pots and loosened the dirt at the roots so they would have room to grow.


Then I stuffed each one into the wooden letter slots. (It was a tight fit!)

after globe

There you have it! A very quick and easy project to do. I had gone to Lowe’s to buy Hens and Chicks but they were sold out. Do you think they would have worked better?


So, I suck at growing succulents. I either over-water or under-water. With that being said, my beloved cacti all perished within a month. I had considered using faux succulents but had held off because they’re so dang expensive. Fast forward a few months and I am looking at the Dollar Tree website and there I spot them! Only one measly dollar. I get a few different ones and head home.

I removed the picks from the styrofoam that had been glued inside the tiny pots. Then, I stick floral foam inside each “mail slot” of the letter organizer and carefully insert the succulent picks.  It looked even better than it had before with the REAL succulents! I took it to my office and, miraculously, they have been thriving. See for yourself…






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