Guest Bathroom – Blah to Beachy

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We had built our house two years ago and had never finished the guest bathroom. It was blah, to say the least. I’ll prove it–






See what I mean?! Our poor guests had nothing to look at while they were….uh….well….doing their business. So, I decided, for our guests’ sake, something needed to be done about that.

The beachy theme seemed to be a popular trend (plus, I absolutely love spending time at the beach with my family), so I opted for a nautical vibe. You know, weathered wood, rope, wainscotting…the whole nine yards!


The wood I chose was the cedar fence slats from Lowe’s. I bought two different sizes–4″ and 5.5″ wide. While at Lowe’s, I picked out the stain which was the “Island Water” color of the water based Minwax stain.

First thing I did to the wood, I applied a white primer and let it dry. (I forgot to take a picture of that step. Like I’ve said before, I get a little anxious with my projects.) Next, I applied the blue stain with a sponge brush. Then, I waited just a few minutes (I guess I could have waited longer but I’m not very patient) then wiped it off with an old cloth. Lastly, I sanded it with 180 grit sand paper.





After they were painted and sanded, they were ready to attach to the wall. I used my husband’s nail gun and level and nailed them to the studs. (It was my first time and to say I was scared stupid is the understatement of the year.) Since the boards didn’t end up being EXACTLY the same length, I added a thick rope in the corners to hide the gaps. (This can be seen in the final pics at the end.)


For the chair railing, I nailed 1.5″ trim to the wall above where I had hung wainscoting wallpaper. (**WARNING** You might want to use actual wainscoting if you have cats. See photos at the end of this post.)




For the chair railing, I used a hot glue gun and glued five rows of rope onto the wooden trim. Believe it or not, that rope is going NOWHERE!


After everything was said and done, this is the finished product.







I still have a few more touches to add to the bathroom, like a towel holder and some kind of wood art on the empty wall. I’ll post photos when I’m done. This was my first SOLO project. Everything was done by “yours truly”. This project is what began my love for woodworking and power tools. Thankfully, I had a wonderful teacher (my hubby!)

Let me take this time to apologize for the crappy photos. They were taken on my iPhone 4S (yes, I know–it’s past time for an upgrade).  In my defense, I had no idea that anyone beside me and a couple of my friends would see this. Little did I know that the Senior Editor at had seen this posted on and asked permission if she could post it on her site. (Since then, my bathroom has also been featured on )  **EMBARRASSED**  Therefore, since then, I’ve started taking pics of my projects with my daughter’s Canon Rebel. Much. Better. Quality.

Oh, about the wainscotting wallpaper: this is what it could look like after two cats have fun with it for 6mos. (Note the yellow wall–this was hung in our foyer the same time I was working on the bathroom. Luckily, the bathroom has a door to KEEP CATS OUT. My foyer does not.)








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  1. Maggie says:

    I had a similar idea for my bathroom,but not so advanced! You gave me great ideas to add to our “blah” bathroom.
    I am doing beachy but Mermaids.

    1. tooinspired says:

      I’d love to see pics when you’re done!

  2. Maria says:

    Great makeover! Love it all.

    1. tooinspired says:

      Thank you so much, Maria!

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