Boxwood Bunny – Easter Topiary

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I started my blog the first week of June. Three weeks later, I got my dream job as a social media manager at Trees n Trends. (TNT is a unique home decor store based out of Paducah, KY, with ten stores scattered among the southeast.) As much as I love my job, I haven’t been able to devote as much attention to my blog as I’d like. After working here for 9 months, I think I have finally learned how I can do both.
One of my “duties” at work is to scour the internet for the latest BIG THING. It so happens that a couple weeks ago, I found the cutest idea for Easter on Hometalk. ClutterBug had posted this and to say I was impressed is an understatement! I got to thinking, I have all of the materials at my disposal and our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram followers would go ga-ga over this!
I went to the store and found a container/planter that would act as the base.
Next, I found a larger boxwood orb/ball and sat it on top. (I’m thinking I should have used double sided tape to hold it in place.)
I found a smaller boxwood orb/ball and sat it on top. I wasn’t for sure how to secure the smaller one to the larger one, and I was pressed for time, so I ended up sticking two sticks inside to connect them. If this was going outside, I’d have to think of a better idea.
Found myself perusing the Easter aisle at the Dollar Store. Finally, I located some bunny ears. I stuck the headband part inside the smaller boxwood.
Since I’m not the greatest at making bows, I asked one of the gals in the floral department to make me one. Hers was a million times better than one I could have made.
So, that’s it. After getting all five “ingredients” at the store, it took less than five minutes to make.
Many thanks to ClutterBug for INSPIRING me.
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