DIY Canopy Bed

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I would like to preface this with a few facts. 1. I copied this post from my now-defunct blog. 2. I feel that my taste in home decor has improved vastly in the 7 years since I first blogged about it. 3. I am only posting this to INSPIRE you; please look past that hideous comforter.

* * * * *

Ahhhh…..the canopy bed! For years, it has been romanticized in movies and on the covers of those naughty novels. (You know the ones–where Fabio is laying across the bed, with his shirt unbuttoned and a rose clenched between his teeth.) So, I decided I wanted one (canopy bed…NOT Fabio). Without having to buy a new bedroom suit, how would I be able to do that?

I had an idea.

On my shopping list were some hoops. So I trotted down to my local Hobby Lobby store and found a package of four brass 4″ hoops and one 14″ hoop. Then I made a quick stop in Walmart and found the cheapest nylon thread (a.k.a., fishing line) I could find. Last thing on my shopping list was four sheer curtain panels.—4%22/p/76218

**Side note: One more item that didn’t make my list but should have was some eye bolts (at least eight of them). Instead, we used another method that didn’t work as well. 🙁 Therefore, I am going to explain this like I used eye bolts, okay?

Once I had acquired all of the necessary items, I got down to business. First, we decided that the smaller hoops needed to hang above all four corners of the bed. The big hoop should be right-smack-dab-in-the-middle of the bed. I tied on a piece of nylon thread to each of the four hoops and hung each one on the corner eye bolts.

 Next thing I needed to do was to saw the 14″ hoop so I would be able to “thread” my curtain panels onto it. So I gathered up the curtain so as to not snag the voile panel on the sharp end of the hoop. Then I threaded it on. I did this for all four panels.

 To secure the panels onto the hoop, I taped the ends of the hoop together.

In between each of the four panels, I tied nylon string so that I could hang the hoop from the four eye bolts above the middle of my bed.

After I got this hung up, I took one of the panels on the larger hoop and threaded it through one of the smaller hoops. I did this with the remaining panels and hoops.

There you have it! An easy, DIY canopy for VERY little money. Let the romance begin!





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